Proposal Development

The OVPR provides expert support to investigators to develop compelling and rigorous proposals. Once you have identified a funding source, you can get started on an effective and on-time proposal. 

Grantsmanship Services

Timing: Request grant writing support at least 3 weeks before the sponsor deadline.

OVPR Research Development provides expert guidance and services for investigators working on proposals. The earlier you reach out, the more comprehensive support you can receive. Tufts Clinical Translational Science Institute also offers study design and proposal support.

Submission Process

Timing: Completed proposals are due the Central Pre-Award Office 5 business days before the deadline.

All applications for sponsored funding must be reviewed by the The Central Pre-Award Office prior to submission and the Central Pre-Award office is the only entity authorized by Tufts to sign proposals for sponsored projects and accept awards on behalf of the University.

Tufts seeks to grow our research enterprise, and a key part of doing so is supporting collaboration between our Schools/Centers and among investigators on sponsored proposals and awards. These Frequently Asked Questions cover key points about the financial and administrative elements that facilitate research collaborations and how Tufts supports these projects.