Research Administration System (RAS)

RAS enables Tufts researchers and administrators to create funding proposals, route them electronically for approval, and submit them directly to the funding agencies.

All funding proposals must be entered into RAS at the proposal time. You can log in to Tableau to preview all current RAS Route Paths established for your departments in RAS. Separate tables are displayed for Proposal & Proposal Development (PD) Budget and Award Budget Route Path. Hover over the final column to see all roles summarized, including delegate assignments for each stop. If it becomes necessary to make a change, contact your Lead Research Administrator to request updates.

Research Administrator Onboarding in RAS

When a new staff member joins Tufts with a title in research administration job family, standard RAS permissions are automatically granted based on the job code. The job code corresponds to RAS responsibilities associated with the job title. In the rare event that a staff member outside of research administration requires access to RAS, a request must be submitted here to request adding user permissions.

Adding a New Lead Unit/DeptID

Requests to add a new lead unit/DeptID with a new route path in RAS should be initiated by the Lead Research Administrator of the school/center. Unlike requests for changes to the route path that must be submitted via Tableau, a request for a new lead unit/DeptID are submitted via this the New DeptID Request Form.

Changing RAS IP Status for Proposals That Are Not Funded

Keeping proposal status updated is important for accurate reporting of the funding success rate. Pre-Award updates RAS proposal status from pending to not funded when the sponsor communicates the funding decision. All NSF and NIH proposals are also periodically updated by Pre-Award. For all other proposals please request IP status change using the below form. The status of all pending proposals older than 24 months from the proposed start date is automatically updated to unfunded by the system on a quarterly basis.

Login & Support

Research administration technical support is available by submitting a request here or from within RAS under “Get Help – I need to email RAS Tech Support”

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