Central Post-Award

Post-Award provides financial oversight of all sponsored award activities from set up to closeout, and is part of the Finance Division, office of the Controller.


Post-Award approvals are required for the following:

  • Rebudgeting requests (only those that require sponsor approval)
  • EREQs for subcontracts (all)
  • All other EREQs (>10,000)
  • Equipment purchases (>5,000)
  • Capital Expenditure Authorizations (CEAs) (>50,000)
  • Check vouchers (>5,000)
  • Travel Reimbursements on sponsored awards (via E-expense) – all foreign travel and travel by non-Tufts employees; undergraduate and graduate student travel reports (>5,000)
  • All subcontract invoices
  • Expense transfers (a.k.a. cost transfers) on sponsored awards (all)
  • Interdepartmental Requisitions (IDRs) (>5,000)
  • Business expense reports (>$5,000)
  • Project advances (all).

The checklists are posted on Research Administration & Development (RAD) website under Forms & Tools to assist with the understanding of what Post-Award reviews in Cost Transfers, subrecipient invoices, and during award closeout.

Submitting to Post-Award

OVPR Post-Award office receives paperwork for processing via the Salesforce interface via General inquiries may be submitted via or can be emailed directly to Post-Award specialists.

Checking the status of your case

  1. When paperwork is sent to, the system automatically generates a Case number and sends an email with the link to the case through which the sender of the email can monitor progress. An email is also sent when processing is complete.

  2. The status of any paperwork can also be checked at any time at by clicking on “My Requests” on the top bar and logging in with Tufts credentials. On this dashboard Post-Award cases are displayed along with the TSS cases.

Processing Times

EREQs are normally approved on the same or next day, but longer processing time will be needed when the paperwork is returned to the department.

Post-Award processing times of Salesforce cases are generally 2-3 business days (4 business days at month end), with the exception of reconciliation of project advances (10 business days due to currency conversion and other complexities).

Please note that cases may be routed between the Post-Award office and a given department more than once. When the case is returned to the person who submitted it, the status will show as “waiting for client action”

Processing by Post-Award does not always mean that the entry will be posted to the award at the end of processing period. If other Tufts offices are involved, processing time will increase and it is not controlled by the OVPR.

For example, average time for posting invoice payments to subrecipient is 10 business days, even though Post-Award will complete their action (or each of their actions, if there is more then one round) in 2-3 business days.

Processing times for new award GrantID currently varies. After RAS/PeopleSoft/Axiom integration, GrantID set up will occur through RAS, reducing processing times to 1-2 days.