Environmental Management

About Us

The Environmental Management program handles a broad spectrum of environmental compliance matters for Tufts University by managing Tufts environmental management system. Our goals are to support Tufts mission by developing, managing and coordinating quality environmental services for the university, minimizing environmental risks and costs, as well as promoting environmental compliance and performance. We aspire to provide these services efficiently, reliably, and professionally.

Who We Serve

We serve Tufts students, staff and faculty whose operations are regulated by environmental laws in the areas of air emissions, water quality, wastewater discharge, solid waste and hazardous waste.

What We Offer

Our services include: compliance assistance and permitting, program management planning and implementation, audit and management reviews, managing inspections of regulated infrastructure as well as training. Additionally, we maintain relationships with regulatory agencies on behalf of the University to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations intended to protect human health and the environment. While we endeavor to handle matters internally to the best extent possible, we regularly engage and supervise outside contractors to provide additional expertise.

The Environmental Management program views environmental compliance at Tufts as a baseline that Tufts Environmental Policy builds upon.

Tufts Environmental Management System

Tufts uses an environmental management system to systematically identify compliance risks, make corrective action and guide university policy. Tufts Environmental Management System is managed consistent with ISO 14001 which is a globally recognized voluntary standard for Environmental Management Systems.