Hazardous Materials Exposures

Following an accident or incident, stay calm and follow these steps.

1) Take Emergency Action, if Needed

Immediately call University Police at 617-627-6911. (For fires on the Boston Health Sciences and School of the Museum of Fine Arts campuses first call 911.)

Handling Emergencies

2) For Tufts lab personnel, this poster is a good resource with general instructions for handling a variety of exposures.

Refer to the information below for specific exposure response procedures and contact information.

What to Do in Case of Exposure

For any exposure or suspected exposure, immediate medical consultation is available through the Exposure Response Call Center. The ERCC is available 24/7 at 866-360-8100.

3) Complete an Accident/Incident Report Form

The Accident/Incident Report Form should be used by all faculty members, staff members, students, contractors and visitors to report any accident that resulted in bodily injury/illness, an incident that could have resulted in bodily injury (a near miss) or an incident that resulted in property damage that occurred on Tufts property or on a Tufts sponsored/approved activity off campus.

Accident/Incident Reporting