Wastewater Management

Tufts University generates sanitary and industrial wastewater on each campus. The Federal Water Pollution Control Act e.g. The Clean Water Act contains provisions to permit sanitary and industrial wastewater discharges, stormwater discharges, point and non-point sources of pollution, the Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Rule, and wetlands regulations.

Tufts wastewater is discharged to our host municipalities’ sewer system. On the Boston and Medford/Somerville Campuses, wastewater flows to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority’ Deer Island Sewage Treatment Plant for treatment. On the Grafton campus, wastewater flows to the Town of Grafton’s Wastewater Treatment Facility for treatment.

Wetlands: Any construction in or near a 100-foot buffer zone around a wetland resource is subject to the provisions of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act. Projects in wetlands or the buffer zone must be permitted by a municipal conservation commission.