Social, Behavioral & Educational Research IRB

The Social, Behavioral and Educational Research IRB (SBER IRB) reviews research involving human research subjects to ensure regulatory compliance.


Revisions to the SBER IRB’s Financial Interest Disclosure Requirement

As of May 2022, the Social, Behavioral, and Educational Research (SBER) IRB no longer requires the submission of a completed SBER Research Financial Interest Disclosure (RFID) form with each new submission in eIRB. Completed RFID forms now only need to be submitted in eIRB IF there is a financial interest to disclose.  The PI and study team members must still all complete the RFID form and maintain them with the study records.

Previously, the SBER IRB required submission of an RFID for any study team member with a financial interest to disclose as well as the RFID for the Principal Investigator (PI), regardless of whether the PI had a financial interest to disclose.  This change has been made to reduce the administrative burden on the Tufts SBER IRB Office as well as the researchers who receive IRB review from our office.  The SBER IRB RFID has been revised in conjunction with this change to the requirement.  The updated SBER IRB RFID is now available on our Forms & Templates website.  Please contact our office at with any questions.

Human Subjects Research COVID-19 Guidance

On April 1, 2022, the University announced that review of domestic face-to-face human subjects research activity by the Integrative Safety Committee (ISC) is no longer required. International face-to-face human subjects research, however will continue to be subject to review by the ISC.

The ISC review process can be started by submitting a complete Ramp Up Request Form to your respective Research/School Dean or Designee, who will then forward the request to the ISC for review. 

University COVID-19 Research FAQs


The Social, Behavioral & Educational Research Institutional Review Board (SBER IRB) is a panel of Tufts' faculty, staff, and community members that reviews all human subject research to ensure the safety and welfare of research participants. The IRB ensures that any research study under its jurisdiction is in compliance with federal, state, and institutional regulations. Only the IRB has the authority to approve human subject research.

The IRB is committed to helping promote research among students, faculty, and staff at Tufts University. Please contact the SBER IRB Office with questions regarding IRB proposals, using eIRB, the review process, and any other information needed