Tufts 2022 Symposium Pandemic Preparedness: Research, Strategy, Action

Tufts University and Tufts Medical Center are pleased to invite your participation in the Tufts 2022 Symposium: PANDEMIC PREPAREDNESS: Research, Strategy, Action, to be held in Autumn 2022.

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The Symposium will be an opportunity to for Tufts researchers to share their findings in conversation with community stakeholders with interests in the impacts of emerging infectious disease and/or a mandate to respond to related issues.  

Your participation will make this event a success! We hope this in-person and virtual event will invite new partners and perspectives to build on Tufts’ unique constellation of recognized expertise, infrastructure, and resources.  By fostering communication and collaboration across sectors and with community stakeholders, we aim to showcase and foster nimble, sustainable and locally-engaged research and solutions to the many complex problems that result from emerging infectious diseases.

The program will include a keynote address, lightning talks, panel discussions, poster presentations, interactive breakout sessions, and workshops.

The application for presenters and the poster showcase will be opened soon.

The objectives of the symposium are to bring COVID-19 research to bear on broader issues of pandemic preparedness by:

  • Creating a space to acknowledge, celebrate, and build on ongoing research and scholarship
  • Promoting Tufts’ unique research strengths that could change the course of future pandemics
  • Fostering communication and collaboration

Your participation will make this event a success!  We would like to have a broad cross-section of research and scholarship related to Pandemic Preparedness. 

Register for the Symposium - Coming Soon

This is an exciting opportunity to share research your with the Tufts community.  Please let us know about your poster by sharing a brief abstract (150 words or less).  (Application coming soon.)

Submit a Poster Presentation Proposal - Coming Soon

  • Honorine Ward, Professor of Medicine, TUSM, Div. of Geographic Medicine and Infectious Diseases, Tufts Medical Center
  • Jonathan Runstadler, Professor and Chair, Infectious Disease & Global Health, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Merry Fitzpatrick, Research Assistant Professor, Feinstein International Center, Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy
  • Michael Jordan, Infection Control Health Director, Assistant Professor of Medicine, TUSM
  • Pilar Alcaide, Kenneth and JoAnn G. Wellner Professor, Immunology, TUSM
  • Silvia Bottinelli, Senior Lecturer and Chair Ad Interim, Visual and Material Studies, SMFA