Submitting to IACUC

There are four main types of IACUC submissions: Protocols, Protocol Amendments, Personnel Amendments and Animal Protocol Transfers.

Protocols and Amendments

The review of animal research protocols and amendment forms has been designed to help guide the investigator by requiring the specific information needed in order to comply with federal regulations. A protocol is submitted for new research and amendments are submitted to propose changes to an approved protocol.

Submit a Protocol for New Research  Submit a Protocol Amendment

Personnel Amendments

Any person that is to work with animals must be listed on an approved protocol and complete the IACUC requirements before beginning. Proposed additions to personnel are submitted by the Principal Investigator or an administrator on their behalf via personnel amendments (Supplement Ps).

Submit a Personnel Amendment

Animal Transfers

Animal protocol transfers, in which animals are moved from one Approved protocol to another, may be permitted in certain cases. Animals under one protocol may not be used for any work under another animal protocol until the transfer has received IACUC Approval.

Request an Animal Protocol Transfer