Tech Transfer and Industry Collaboration

Tech Transfer and Industry Collaboration (TTIC) is responsible for facilitating the transfer of Tufts technology for public use and benefit.

TTIC facilitates the protection of intellectual property (IP) and the commercialization—or transfer—of discoveries resulting from research being conducted at Tufts University. We are here to translate scientific innovation into tangible products or methods that advance knowledge and serve the public good, while returning income to the inventor and the university.

Common Questions

What is the benefit of disclosing my invention to the TTIC?

Disclosing to the TTIC is an important step in protecting IP rights in your discovery. The TTIC will evaluate your invention (with input from you and other experts) to determine the best method of protection, if any, and then take action. While this is going on, the TTIC will also analyze the market for your discovery and look for a commercial entity to take it further. Commercialization of inventions can lead to personal income, notoriety, and sponsored research funding for your laboratory.

If I invent something at Tufts University, who has ownership rights?

Title to all potentially patentable inventions conceived or first reduced to practice in whole or in part by members of the faculty or staff (including student employees) of Tufts in the course of their university responsibilities or with more than incidental use of university resources, belongs to the Tufts. If your research was sponsored by an outside agency, such as the federal government, the sponsor may hold certain rights in the invention in addition to Tufts University’s rights.

How do I know whether I should contact the TTIC?

When you are unsure whether your discovery is patentable or whether to disclose your discovery, or when you have any other question pertaining to the technology transfer process, contact us.