Scientific Integrity in Research Policy: Reporting

Tufts University is committed to the highest standards of integrity in the conduct and administration of its research programs. The University has published policies that, in conjunction with federal, state, and local regulations, govern the conduct of research involving human subjects, laboratory and teaching animals, recombinant DNA, infectious agents, radiation, and other hazardous materials. The University also has a general policy covering misconduct in research and scholarship and financial policies that govern spending of research funds.

A complainant having a good faith belief that noncompliance with any of those policies or misconduct in research and scholarship has occurred or is occurring at Tufts University may report it in one of two ways:

  • through the normal channels outlined in the University’s policies, or
  • anonymously through the Tufts EthicsPoint website or by calling (866) 384-4277. Indicate ‘Tufts University’ as the organization.

The University recognizes that allegations of misconduct in research and scholarship are sensitive and serious issues. In order to protect the reputations of the complainants and respondents while investigations are taking place, it is the responsibility of all parties involved, including but not limited to University officials, complainants, and respondents, to treat such matters as confidential to the fullest extent possible.

Before any reports of misconduct in research and scholarship are made, please consult with the appropriate university policy, located here.