NE-RBL - General BSL3 Training and Agent Awareness Training for SARS-COV-2

Instructor Led

Who should take this training?

This training is designed for laboratory personnel handling SARS-CoV-2 or materials that contain virus, which will be handled at BSL3.

Training description

This training is meant to be an introduction that is followed by additional, lab-specific BSL3 training provided by the Principal Investigator or lab supervisor. This training should be completed prior to beginning the lab-specific training. Please contact the Biosafety Office to schedule this training.

This course includes two modules.

  • The SARS COV-2 AWARENESS TRAINING module includes: virology & epidemiology of highly pathogenic coronaviruses; known clinical features of coronaviruses; preventing laboratory exposures; and exposure response.
  • The BSL3 TRAINING FOR SARS-COV-2 module includes the following NE-RBL general BSL3 topics: symptoms & risk factors for COVID-19; medical surveillance; facility design and operation; entry and exit procedures, use of personal protective equipment; use of Biosafety Cabinets; disinfection and waste management; use of autoclave; spill clean-up; emergency response; exposure incident response.