Introduction to Radiation Safety - Clinical / Grafton Campus - Online (2019-20)


This course is mandatory for all personnel whose work requires access to radiation sources in a clinical environment.

Radiation sources and the associated potential radiation exposures in a clinical setting are unique when compared to research environments. The challenges of controlling radiation sources while providing medical care is emphasized during this course. The objectives of this online course are to:

  • Understand that radiation safety is a high priority at Tufts University.
  • Understand what radioactive materials, radiation, and radiological contamination are.
  • Be able to recognize warning signs and postings identifying areas where radiation sources are located.
  • Recognize that specific authorization and radiation safety training is required for Principal Investigators and radiation safety trained personnel respectively.
  • Understand that radioactive materials are managed and controlled by qualified staff.
  • Be aware of the Radiation Safety Program and the services offered by Radiation Safety staff.
  • Be aware of regulatory licenses, registrations, and notices defining employee rights concerning radiation safety.
  • Be aware of the Radiation Safety permitting procedure and further training requirements.