Research Administration

Research Administration & Development (RAD) helps investigators to pursue their research and scholarship goals, providing expertise and support throughout the Award Lifecycle.

The Research Administration Mentoring Program (RAMP) at Tufts expands and strengthens our professional network by fostering the professional development of research administration staff.

The goals of RAMP include enhancing onboarding of new research administration staff, providing guidance and knowledge for professional development, promoting a positive work environment, and reducing barriers between local and central research administration.

2023/2024 RAMP Updates

The RAMP Committee is currently working on launching our 2024 program. Please watch this space for updates and how you can sign up to participate as a mentor or mentee.

New employee mentoring is ongoing. To sign up or learn more, reach out to
Note: The CRA class is paused for FY24, but a library of study materials is available upon request.