Research Administration & Development

Research Administration & Development (RAD) helps investigators to pursue their research and scholarship goals, providing expertise and support throughout the Award Lifecycle.

Research Administration Mentoring Program (RAMP) at Tufts will expand and strengthen our professional network by fostering the professional development of research administration staff. Mentors and Mentees will work towards the completion of goals identified by the Mentee at the beginning of their partnership. 

The goals of RAMP include enhancing onboarding of new research administration staff, providing guidance and knowledge for professional development, promoting a positive work environment, and reducing barriers between local and central research administration. Each Mentor/Mentee team will be paired together for a 4-month period to work towards the goals identified by each Mentee.

For New Employees

Paired with OVPR onboarding sessions, during their first year at Tufts, new research administration employees will be assigned a Mentor. There is no need to request such a Mentor.

The New Employee Mentors will introduce their Mentees to colleagues and offices with which they may not come in contact regularly, exposing them to available networking opportunities and resources, and answer general questions related to research administration.

For Established Employees

Established employees can request a Mentor to assist them with achieving their research administration career goals. These goals may include, but are not limited to, gaining knowledge of the research administration field, studying for the CRA exam, presenting on a research administration topic at a conference, writing an article, or leading a team.

Anyone in the Research Administration Job Family who meets the criteria below can become a Mentor. We are looking for individuals with a strong background in research administration and a passion for supporting colleagues as they meet their professional goals.

Mentor criteria are the following

  • Senior Research Administrator level or higher unless has passed the CRA exam
  • No less than 2 years employment at Tufts University
  • Attendance at the mentor training session in the fall
  • A commitment to a 4-month program of no less than monthly meetings with the Mentee as well as a mid-program check in meeting
  • A Mentor cannot be a Mentee’s supervisor

Staff that do not fully meet all eligibility criteria will be considered on a case by case basis for the New Employee mentor track.

Anyone in the Research Administration Job Family can request a Mentor and become a Mentee. The Lead Research Administrator of the School or Center may recommend staff in non-research administration positions for a Mentoring opportunity by emailing their recommendation to Mentoring Committee.

Mentee requirements are the following

  • A desire to work to achieve ones’ goals and be able to identify a professional development goal that can be completely or partially achieved within a 4-month period
  • A commitment to a 4-month program with a Mentor including monthly meetings and a mid-program check in
  • Attendance at all program-related events


Goals are open ended and will be solicited as a part of the application form. They are intended to get each prospective mentee to consider what they hope to gain from the program.


Outcomes are pre-selected, tangible steps the Mentoring Committee has determined can help mentees reach a variety of research administration related goals. They will be listed in a drop down as a part of the application form. The outcomes as determined by the committee will be:

  • Writing a Post/Article – Are you interested in writing a post or article on Research Administration but feel like you could use some assistance in writing it? Join this cohort and work together to write effective and informative articles.  Posts/Articles can be posted online as a blog (SRA Catalyst), internally on the community page, or in a newsletter or publication. Topics are individual choice, and the group will work together as peer editors.
  • Presentation at a Conference – Do you want to present at a regional conference? Work with a mentor’s guidance to prepare a presentation for application to NCURA Region I’s Spring Meeting. Topics are individual choice. OVPR will fund mileage to and from the regional meeting to present if selected.
  • Present a Poster –Do you want to share your knowledge without having to present? Would a smaller scale be more interesting to you? Work with a mentor’s guidance to prepare and create a poster for application to NCURA Region I’s Spring Meeting Innovation Suite.  OVPR will fund poster printing and mileage to and from the regional meeting to showcase poster if selected.
  • CRA – Do you wish to study to take the CRA Exam next year? Join this cohort to study with a guidance from successful CRAs.
  • Learn/Add a new skill set such as:
    • Learn a new sponsor
    • Learn a new contract/agreement type
    • Complex proposal management
    • Writing Standard Operating Procedures or documenting a workflow
    • How to manage & lead a working group. Work on skills such as task management and meeting management.

Mentoring Committee

For any questions please email RAMP Committee Chair Denise Rouleau.

Forms & Guides

RA Mentoring Guide
Mentee Application Form
Mentor Application Form