No-Cost Extension

No-cost extension is an extension of the period of performance of an award beyond the original end date without additional funds. To initiate a no-cost extension, the Local Research Administrator (LRA) works together with the Principal Investigator (PI) to complete the No Cost Extension Form. Once signed by the PI, the form is routed to the Central Pre-Award. Requests for no-cost extension should be submitted to Pre-Award 30 to 90 calendar days prior to the award end date. This extension may not be exercised solely for the purpose of using an unobligated balance; there must be a programmatic reason for the extension.

Internal Processing

Upon receipt of the No-Cost Extension Request Form, Pre-Award will make a determination of whether or not prior sponsor approval is required. Most Federal sponsors authorize the University to initiate one-time extensions by up to 12 months, unless the extension involves a change in the approved objectives or scope of the project. In such instances, Pre-Award will approve the extension and notify the sponsor at least ten calendar days prior to the award end date. For non-federal awards prior written sponsor approval of no-cost extensions is always required, unless the award is made to support the project until it is completed.

When Sponsor Prior Approval is Required

If it is determined that prior sponsor approval is required, Pre-Award will contact the sponsor on behalf of the PI and obtain such approval. Once approval is obtained, Pre-Award will make an entry in the Research Administration System (RAS) to reflect the changed end date and route the paperwork with new award end date to Central Post-Award to process in PeopleSoft. Post-Award will subsequently issue a revised Internal Notice of Award (INOA) that shows the approved extended project end date.

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