Our Vice Provost for Research

William Shaw, J.D., was appointed as Vice Provost for Research ad interim effective January 2022.

Bill Shaw Sm

Bill joined the Office of the Vice Provost for Research in December 2020 as senior director of technology transfer and industry collaboration. Over the past year, Bill has increased staffing resources to support business development activities, including interactions with faculty and industry, and has started to build new technology development programs, increasing the infrastructure and resources dedicated to advancing opportunities along the commercialization path. Bill has also been engaged in university-wide initiatives including supporting the research priority clusters, reviewing conflicts of interest, managing the BrainGate donation and developing the strategic vision for creating innovative research spaces.

Bill was previously the executive director of the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital, a Harvard-affiliated Medical School. The Martinos Center is one of the world’s premier research centers focused on biomedical imaging. Bill worked to create an environment where innovation thrives by bringing together the world’s leading scientists, business leaders and patients to solve important healthcare issues. He was responsible for the leadership of the Center and the administration of its $60+ million in research revenue. In addition, he spearheaded business development activities through establishing relationships with academic institutions, industry participants, philanthropic donors and government agencies. By bringing together this group of stakeholders, Bill and the Center took on the most pressing problems facing healthcare today such as solving Alzheimer’s and curing cancer.

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Vice Provost for Research ad interim and Senior Director for Technology Transfer and Industry Collaboration
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