The Biosafety Program works to ensure that any work associated with biohazards or recombinant/synthetic nucleic acids is done safely and in accordance with regulations.

Handling Accidents and Incidents Involving Biological Materials

Call the campus police emergency number

For Tufts University, call (617) 627-6911 or 6-6911 from a campus phone
For Tufts Medical Center, call (617) 636-5100

Consult your Biological Exposure Response Plan

Information regarding exposures to a specific biohazardous agent can be found either on the Biological Exposure Response Plans page on the IBC website or in your IBC Registration Form.

If injured, exposed (or potentially exposed) to biological material, seek medical attention.

For TU laboratory personnel, contact the 24/7 Exposure Response Call Center for medical consultation: 866-360-8100.

For all others, information about Occupational Health Providers is provided here.

Reporting Accidents or Incidents

  1. Report the accident/incident to your supervisor and the Biosafety Office as soon as possible.
  2. Fill out an accident/incident report form.
  3. Once notified, a member of the Biosafety staff will follow up to investigate the accident/incident and advise as needed.