New Senior Director for Technology Transfer and Industry Collaboration

We are pleased to announce that effective July 1, 2022, Martin Son has been appointed as the new Senior Director of Technology Transfer and Industry Collaboration (TTIC).  Martin is a veteran technology transfer professional who began his career at Harvard University.  He joined Tufts in 2000 to help establish Tufts’ inaugural technology transfer program and has played an integral role in materially shaping and advancing TTIC over the ensuing years. He has proven himself to be a very effective ambassador for Tufts’ tech transfer function externally and is well-known and well-respected locally and nationally.  Martin received his AB pursuing Physics and East Asian Studies at Harvard University.  He serves as board observer on a number of Tufts University startup companies, including Sofregen Medical, ZwitterCo, Anodyne Nanotech, and Wanda Fish Technologies.

Please join us in welcoming Martin in his new leadership role.