Wellness and Working Remotely

Wellness and Working Remotely

Helpful Tips and Resources

  • Take mental breaks and schedule these into your calendar (incorporate into physical break)
  • Try breathing exercises, mindfulness apps (such as "Headspace").
  • Leave work "at work" outside of normal work hours whenever possible.
  • Communicate as frequently as possible, to maintain connections
  • Make good use of internal social sites such as Jabber/Zoom with colleagues
  • Encourage "face time" for virtual coffee/tea breaks, casual conversations, sharing healthy recipes & wellness tips,  etc...
  • Ensure workspace is set up properly and you have what you need, de-clutter spaces. If possible, a more secluded and quiet place in your home.
  • Don’t’ attempt to work as soon as you get up. Use commuting time to take a pre-work walk, prepare nutritious food for the day, read, write in journal,…
  • Take a lunch break away from your office space
  • Dress appropriately (within reason)
  • Keep a regular work schedule and turn off computer by a certain time each day and walk away
  • Establish a routine to start off and end your day, create a habit that signals the start/close of the workday
  • Sit in an "up-right" chair, like you would at your office desk (be mindful of "tech neck" and other ergonomic needs)
  • Maintain or create a schedule for your children
  • Set boundaries with household members
  • Ensure everyone respects your work area as a place of business
  • Alternate responsibilities and shifts with your partner
  • Let family and friends who might be calling and texting while you work from home what your hours are for non-emergency contact
  • The Ultimate Parent's Lockdown Guide (courtesy of Boston Magazine)
social distancing

What is social distancing? 

  • Maintain a 6-foot distance with other people
  • Minimize human contact
  • Avoid public transportation whenever possible
  • Limit nonessential travel
  • Work from home
  • Avoid social gatherings

Every single reduction in the amount of contact you have per day will have a significant impact on the ability of the virus to spread in the population.