VF-24: A Unique Mixture of Fruits & Vegetables that Prevent Chronic Diseases and Promote Healthy Aging


A Tufts University investigator and their team has developed a novel plant-based powder formulated with freeze dried fruits and vegetables to reduce obesity and promote healthy aging. VF-24 is a simple and effective solution, demonstrated through preclinical testing to reduce obesity, hearth disease, risk for cancer and encourage health aging.



Across the globe the population is aging and suffering from an obesity epidemic, contributing to the alarming rise in chronic disease and infections. Older adults constitute about 17%  of the US population, but this percentage is expected to double over the next decade. The CDC has stated that 42% of the US population is considered to be obese. According to the WHO, inadequate consumption of fruits and vegetables is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality. There is an urgent need for products that promote healthy living.



VF-24 is a unique plant-based powder made from 12 fruits and 12 vegetables, freeze dried to preserve their nutrient value. VF-24 is perfectly positioned to be a key player in the plant-based food revolution with the ever-increasing consumer desire for health-promoting foods.




VF-24 has been extensively studied through preclinical experiments of 180 mice consuming a high-fat diet (HF0), a low-fat diet (LF), or a high-fat diet supplemented with VF-24 (HF15). In comparison to the HF diet group, mice in the HF15 group had a 30% lower weight gain, 70% less atherosclerosis, and a 90% lower cancer risk. Histological studies of the HF15 mice also demonstrated a 90% prevention of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (fig 1.a). The preclinical studies supported that VF-24 reduced the genetic expression of inflammatory markers like IL-6 (fig 1.b), improved T cell-mediated immune cell response (immune cells involved in fighting against viral and bacterial infections and important for effective response to vaccines), and increased the diversity of gut microbiota (fig 1.c). Ongoing long-term studies, show HF15 mice have a significantly lower mortality rate in comparison to HF0 mice.




-Science-based formulation

-Focus on healthy aging and obesity reduction



-Capsule or pill


-Food or beverage additive



IP STATUS   National stage filings, January 2021.



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