Tech Transfer for Students

The TTIC provides the knowledge, support, and connections needed for Tufts students to become entrepreneurs.

Tufts University seeks to encourage creativity and invention among its students. The University invests in this endeavor by making available its own facilities, equipment, personnel, and information resources. The University also actively seeks specific support for creative activity from external sources, both public and private.

Invention Disclosure

Disclosing to the TTIC is an important step in protecting IP rights in your discovery. The TTIC will evaluate your invention to determine the best method of protection, if any, and then take action. While this is going on, the TTIC will also analyze the market for your discovery and look for a commercial entity to take it further.

Disclose Invention Form

Tufts Policies

Students generally own the copyright to academic work they produce. Academic work can include class papers, theses, dissertations, artistic and musical works, and other creative works produced by University students.

Nonacademic work produced by students as University employees (either as a work study employee or regular employee) as part of their assigned duties is owned by the University. Under this circumstance, students do not share in the creator’s portion of Net Royalty Income (as defined below under “Income Distribution”).

See Tufts Intellectual Property Policies

Tufts Entrepreneurs Society (TES)

Tufts Entrepreneurs Society (TES) organizes events on campus focused on bringing students together in intellectual, social, and business environments. TES is dedicated to inspiring Tufts to create innovative products, concepts, and ideas. TES hosts events including the Elevator Pitch Competition, the Entrepreneurship Conference, Spring Senior Send-Off, and Job Networking Night.

For more information contact:

Tufts Entrepreneurs Society (TES)

Tufts $100K Business Plan Competition

Since 2004, Tufts Gordon Institute’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Program has sponsored an annual business plan competition that awards $100k in cash and in-kind services (legal and advisory services) to the winning teams. A University-wide event, the competition draws, alumni, faculty and undergraduate and graduate applicants from multiple schools including Arts & Sciences, Engineering, Fletcher and Sackler.

Learn about the $100k Business Plan Competition