Silk Water Lithography


Tufts University investigators have developed a room temperature lithography technique that eliminates the need for expensive equipment and minimizes the use of harsh chemicals without sacrificing resolution.



 A resist film that is composed of a biocompatible and biodegradable polymer (derived from silk) combined with a water-based etch or developer delivered through an ink-jet printer to obtain the desired patterns including hole arrays (20-200nm dia.), lines (200nm wide), curves and solids. The silk fibroin resist offers extraordinary surface flatness for films ranging in thickness from 20nm to 1000nm.  These films can be prepared by spin coating or casting on the desired substrate and dried.


•       Economical, room-temperature, high-resolution, and non-toxic.

•       200nm + features

•       Room temperature process

•       Reduced CTE mismatch with polymer foil

•       Eliminates need for EB or UV generators, masks, electron optics and print masters

•       Minimizes special wastewater treatment




-Flexible electronics - sensors and IC circuits


IP STATUS  US Publication No. 20160046138 (February 18, 2016)


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