Tufts University Biological NMR Center

The Tufts University Biological NMR Center provides NMR support for the research community at Tufts University and the surrounding area.

The Tufts University Biological NMR Center collects NMR data that is typically used for 5 areas of interest:

  1. three-dimensional structure determination of proteins, protein domains, and peptides

  2. quantification of tumor and tissue extracts and biofluids using metabolomics approaches

  3. inhibitor identification and characterization

  4. characterization of molecular binding

  5. determination of molecular dynamics

The facility houses three NMR spectrometers: a Bruker Avance 600, a Bruker AMX-500, and a Bruker DPX-300. The instruments are housed in a separate environmentally controlled lab on the M&V 6th floor of the Biomedical Research and Public Health Building complex at 136 Harrison Avenue in downtown Boston.