Tufts Laser Cytometry (TLC)

The TLC offers Flow and Laser Cytometry equipment and services to the local scientific community.

The TLC provides cell sortingservices on several instruments. Sort options range from isolating single populations into multi-well plates (clonally or any number specified), to bulk-sorting in up to six populations simultaneously. Currently up to sixteen fluorescent parameters are available from as many as five excitation lasers. The TLC now has small particle detection options.

TLC's sorters include a new, state-of-the-art, FACS Aria (Becton Dickinson) and two Legacy MoFlo's (originally from Cytomation, now owned by Beckman Coulter).

The TLC has walk up (self-service) FACS analysis available on an LSR-II (Becton Dickinson), with five lasers and thirteen color parameters available; a FACSCalibur (BD), with two lasers and up to four fluorescent parameters; and a FACSCan (BD) with one laser and three fluorescent detectors.