Body Composition Analysis Center (BCAC)

The Body Composition Analysis Center (BCAC) offers an unmatched combination of scientific expertise and cutting-edge computer technology for the analysis of bone density and body composition.

Associated with world-class research laboratories for the study of aging, nutrition, and physiology at Tufts, the Body Composition Analysis Center is a leading referral center in meeting the complex data analysis needs of other laboratories, health-care facilities, and research organizations.

The expertise of Tufts researchers, who are recognized as national leaders in their field, make the Body Composition Analysis Center an unparalleled resource for:

  • Analysis of CT scans of visceral and subcutaneous fat for multi-center trials; analysis of CT scans for muscle & fat regional cross-sectional areas.

  • Analysis of DXA scans for soft tissue as well as bone components.

  • Development and application of bioelectrical impedance equations for population studies.

  • Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) is a useful measurement primarily used to assess bone mineral density, total body composition, and body fat content with a high degree of accuracy.