Research Safety and Regulatory Programs (RSRP) Contacts

Contact the Compliance Groups

Please submit committee documents and general inquiries to the applicable group email. 

IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee):
IBC (Institutional Biosafety Committee):
ICSC (Institutional Chemical Safety Committee):
IRSC (Institutional Radiation Safety Committee):
SBER IRB (Social, Behavioral and Educational Research IRB):

Regulatory Compliance Staff

TBH, Regulatory Compliance Director
TBH, Regulatory Manager
Eunice Georges, Regulatory Coordinator
Mary Savage, Regulatory Coordinator
Candace Beiler, IACUC Assistant Director
Amy Finneral, IACUC Senior Analyst
Sarah Cass, IACUC Analyst II
Samantha King,  IACUC Analyst I
Meghan Pronovost, SBER-IRB Operations Manager
Paul Hart, IRB Analyst III
Christine Pelletier, IRB Analyst II
Linda Spang, IRB Analyst II
Amanda O'Brien, IRB Analyst I