A Portable Physical Therapy Measurement Device


During physical therapy, practitioners often use a variety of measurement devices. All existing approaches fail to establish functional range of motion and anthropomorphic measurements through a single portable device. A Tufts University Investigator has developed a tool that is designed to address this significant gap in a practitioner’s ability to easily and accurately obtain necessary measurements through a single tool.

Existing Solutions & Issues

The Rehab Ruler serves as a cost-effective alternative in comparison to the existing devices described below. Further, the Rehab Ruler enables clinicians to bring the tests easily to patients who are fall risks.

  • Goniometer: Limited by the inability to measure loadbearing movements and significant deviations in measurements between practitioners.
  • Stadiometer: Limited by being a stationary device to only measures a patients’ height.
  • Inclinometer: Limited by the single function of measure range of motion.
  • Sit and Reach Box: Limited as a stationary device that does not incorporate other anthropomorphic measurements.




The invention comprises an extendable elongate body with an attached rotatably coupled deployed arm. The Rehab Ruler is a tool that is uniquely positioned to replace the use of multiple devices in a physical therapy setting.

Rehab Ruler Applications

  • Joint Range of Motion
  • Functional Heel Rise Test
  • Wall to Occiput Distance
  • Functional Reach Test (seated or standing)
  • Multidirectional Reach Test
  • Berg Balance Test
  • Fullerton Advanced Balance Scale
  • Sit and Reach Test
  • Height




IP Status: Pending US Patent (16/030,286)


Licensing Contact

Emma Anderson