Sponsored Funding for Students

Are you a student seeking funding from a sponsor outside of Tufts University? There are circumstances when Tufts internal processes for sponsored awards must be followed for both submission of a proposal and receipt of the funds.

If any of the following applies, a student must request that their faculty mentor would connect them with their designated research administrator as early as possible during the preparation of the proposal:

  • Funding is being sought from a federal source in response to a posted call for proposals
  • If the application is successful, funds will be awarded and paid by the sponsor to the institution (Tufts University) rather than paid directly to the student
  • Tufts will incur a liability, responsibilities, or obligations from the award
  • Project deliverable impacts Tufts or requires Tufts resources to complete.

Please note that per Tufts policy, Tufts students and postdoctoral fellows can serve as Principal Investigator (PI) /Project Director (PD) only on awards that are specifically designated by the sponsor as fellowship applications. For all other proposals and awards, the appropriate faculty mentor must be designated as the PD/PI.

Additionally, if there is an option that funding can be either sent directly to student or awarded to the institution, there may be tax implications for the student and financial obligations for the school (i.e. internal financial assessment).

Student Decision Guide

  • Are you applying for a federal grant?
  • If awarded, will the funds be sent to Tufts?
  • Does your project involve a financial commitment or responsibility or impact for Tufts?

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