Security Policy for Radioactive Materials

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has been closely reviewing the security of radioactive materials and has been working with individual States to ensure that Agreement State Regulators are doing the same. Tufts University faculty, staff and students are all required to comply with MA Dept. of Public Health regulations and University policy. This requires that all radioactive material be secured from unauthorized access when it is not being used. This involves either active constant surveillance by an authorized person, or that the radioactive material is locked away. Constant surveillance means that an authorized person must at all times be present in the laboratory or surrounding area where he or she is in a position to monitor for unauthorized access to the laboratory and to intervene if he/she observes someone who could take the material. This requirement applies to all radioactive material, including waste and experiments in progress. These is no exempt amount that does not require this level of security.

The regulators expect that unauthorized or unknown persons, if encountered, will be challenged as to their identity and intent. If you are concerned with a suspicious person, please immediately call Tufts Campus Police.

Please ensure unoccupied laboratories are locked. Secure radioactive materials in lock boxes or locked refrigerators/freezers/cabinets.

If you have any questions, please contact the Tufts University Radiation Safety Officer at 617 636-3450.

In Boston you may also contact the Health Physics group  at 617-636-6168. On Medford or Grafton campuses, contact Tufts EH&S at 617-636-3450.

Thank you for your assistance in this important matter.