Nature Masterclasses

Researchers, don’t miss the Nature Masterclasses online training courses available via Tufts' subscription – sign in using your institutional login details.

What can you learn in 20 minutes?

The Nature Masterclasses online courses are specifically designed to be used on demand and at your rhythm. They are bite-sized (10-20 minute lessons) so you can dip in and out during natural gaps in your work. Researchers can choose their own learning path – whether that is working through a course in order, or dipping in and out of modules.

The courses are designed to be interactive with in-lesson activities that will keep you engaged and give you plenty of opportunities to practice using new skills and concepts.

You will learn techniques and strategies to develop your skills and confidence across a range of essential research activities. You’ll be able to apply these skills to your everyday professional life but also leverage them to develop your career.

The courses provide certificates of completion, which you can download from your online dashboard.