Methods of making and using cell penetrating peptide for enhanced delivery of nucleic acids, drugs and adenovirus to tissues and cells

Researchers at Tufts University have identified a novel and unique peptide known as the peptide for ocular delivery (POD) that can be conjugated with ophthalmic drugs (targets) to improve delivery of those targets to the eye.
-To date POD has been shown to help all types of compounds (e.g. small molecules, proteins, and DNA) penetrate the ocular tissue more effectively than the standalone compound
-Creation of a patentable new molecular entity
-Commercial prospects and clinical/regulatory feasibility of Wet AMD indication are the most attractive.
-Conjugating POD with targets will increase intercellular uptake and tissue penetration and improve efficacy.
-Commencing in vivo studies in relevant animal models.

Intellectual Property

US Patent 8,778,886

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John Cosmopoulos