Membranes with Zwitterion Containing Copolymer Selective Layers

Researchers at Tufts University have created a new class of high permeability polymeric membranes with anti-fouling properties. These thin film composite membranes feature a self-assembling copolymer selective layer, easily created through the copolymerization of zwitterionic and hydrophobic repeat units.  These copolymers are easily coated onto supporting surfaces or preexisting membranes, and serve as selective layers that control which solutes pass through, and also impart fouling resistance. These new membrane materials have utility in water desalination and softening, removal of metal ions and organic pollutants from water, separation of organic molecules dissolved in water, wastewater treatment including the treatment of industrial wastewater, and the purification of biopharmaceutical and natural products.

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Intellectual Property

US Patent No. 10,150,088 (December 11, 2018) 

Licensing Contact

Chiara Vannucci