Core Facilities During COVID-19

The following Core Facilities will be open during Phase 1 of research ramp up.

Please see the below information on how to access these core facilities. We will continue to update this page during research ramp up.

Core Facility How to Schedule? If Interested, Please Contact:
Small Animal Imaging/Preclinical Testing Facility Users need to contact the core facility via email or phone to schedule services. Gary Sahagian
(617) 636-6748
Tufts CNR Imaging Core Users need to reserve an instrument via SuperSaaS calendars. Alenka Lovy, or
Rob Jackson
Tufts Laser Cytometry (Flow Cytometry Core) Users need to reserve an instrument via the core staff. Allen Parmelee,
Stephen Kwok, or
Albert Tai
Tufts University Core Facility (TUCF) For most service requests, users need to request services through the online ordering system and schedule a time for sample drop off. For single cell RNAseq, users need to email the core facility to reserve time to access the equipment. For internal users, a designated location will be setup for sample drop off / pick up. For external users, shipment is required. Michael Berne
(617) 636-2422