Close Proximity Work

In the event that two or more researchers must interact at a distance of less than six feet (e.g. for training on laboratory procedures, instrument use, or surgical procedures), the Principal Investigator (PI) should seek approval of an exception to Tufts University’s policy on social distancing in the laboratory. To request an exception for such close proximity work, the PI should contact her/his School’s Research Dean or designate with a detailed description of the nature of the close proximity work required, including anticipated close-proximity contact time, anticipated minimum distance, and overall duration of the close-proximity request (e.g. postdoc and student trainee will be approximately 2 feet apart for 10 minutes twice per hour for training in advanced histology techniques. This will occur three times per week for two weeks). Upon review and approval of the request, the Research Dean or designate will forward the request to the Integrative Safety Committee (ISC) ( for review. The ISC will then communicate a decision or request for further information to the PI with cc’ to the Research Dean or designate. ISC approvals will specify the type of PPE required for execution of the close proximity work.