Tufts Launchpad | Accelerator (TLA) Program

Tufts Launchpad | Accelerator (TLA) Program
2020 Funding Cycle

The Tufts Launchpad | Accelerator (TLA) Program is designed to support translational research aimed at extending preliminary observations, establishing proof-of-concept, scaling-up a product or process, and generating (or enhancing) intellectual property (IP) positions. The first round of the TLA program consisted of applicants submitting a written proposal that was reviewed internally within the OVPR. After an internal review, selected applicants were asked to continue and present to the external evaluation committee. The applicants made their oral presentations to the external evaluation committee on May 21, 2020. The external evaluation committee consisted of venture capitalists, industry experts and business leaders. With input from the external evaluation committee, four winners were selected to receive funding for their projects. Each project was awarded up to $75,000. The winners of the second TLA funding round are:

Title: Next generation drug development for depression
Name: Jamie Maguire

Title: Utilizing stem cell activation through siRNA as a therapy for smell loss
Name: James E. Schwob

Title: Optimizing a high-yield, low-cost bioprocess for the rare sugar tagatose
Name: Nikhil Nair

Title: Silk based high strength adhesives
Name: Fiorenzo Omenetto and Marco Lopresti

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