Tufts CREATE Solutions Speaker Series

Towards an Equitable Electrified Transportation Sector: A Case for Cities in Mexico

Sergio Castellanos 
Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin 

Thursday, April 29, 2021 

6:00pm - 7:00pm ET 

via Zoom

Registration Required

Emphasizing equity in the way sustainable technologies are rolled out and in how decision-makers develop their urban infrastructure planning is critical to ensure a movement towards a just and inclusive society, especially in the context of a clean energy transition. In this talk I focus on a particular example where, through partnerships with government stakeholders and a data-rich company, we develop indicators to prioritize equitable interventions in two cities in Mexico related to their public transportation sectors.


Sergio Castellanos is an assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin and leads the RESET (Rapid, Equitable & Sustainable Energy Transitions) Lab, analyzing decarbonization pathways for emerging economies, data-driven sustainable transportation approaches, and equitable clean tech adoption and deployment strategies.  With collaborators, his interdisciplinary projects have been awarded international prizes (United Nations' Data for Climate Action Challenge), won national competitions (México), and gathered media attention (Forbes, Greentech Media). Prior to UT Austin, he worked as a researcher at UC Berkeley leading bi-national (US-Mexico) projects, helping to bridge the clean energy technology gap between these two countries. Sergio holds an Engineering Ph.D. from MIT. @sergiocasterdz

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