Springboard Awards – Spring 2020

These initial grants signify a significant investment in the future vitality of Tufts as a thriving R1, very-high research activity university.  Awardees come from disciplines across the University, and projects address urgent topics central to Tufts’ mission to contribute the very best in research, scholarship, and education for the benefit of the world around us.

*These grants are for COVID-19 related research

Please join us in congratulating the following individuals/teams:


Transforming Civic Meetings through Online Remote Participation
Team Lead: Fahad Dogar (SoE)
Team Member: Peter Levine (Tisch)

Demonstrating the Value of a Proposed Tufts-led Predictive Analytics and Comparative Effectiveness Research Network during the COVID Epidemic*
Team Lead: Michael Hughes (SoE)
Team Members: David Kent (TMC) and Jessica Paulus (TMC)

Developing a Proposal for an Intervention Study to Improve the Oral Health of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Team Lead: John Morgan (TUSDM)
Team Members: Mathew Finkelman (TUSDM), Ellen Patterson (TUSDM), Nadine Tassabehji (TUSDM), and Andrea Ferreira Zandona (TUSDM)

Toward a Center for Translational Research in Asian Populations (C-TRAP)
Team Lead: Aviva Must (TUSM)
Team Members: Jennifer Allen (A&S), Virginia Chomitz (TUSM), Christina Economos (Friedman), Karen Freund (TMC), Marta Gaglia (TUSM), Linden Hu (TUSM), John Leong (TUSM), Karl Munger (TUSM), Carolyn Leung Rubin (TMC), and John Wong (TMC)

Artificial Intelligence to Support Early Risk Detection and Interventions to Support Healthy Aging
Team Lead: Karen Panetta (SoE)
Team Members: José Ordovás (HNRCA), Susan Roberts (HNRCA), and Ayanna Thomas (A&S)

Neuronal Growth on Tunable Biomaterial Substrates
Team Leads: Cristian Staii (A&S) and David Kaplan (SoE)


HPV Vaccine Uptake among Racially Diverse and Sexual Minority Women Ages 27-45 Years
Team Lead: Jennifer Allen (A&S)
Team Members: Madina Agénor (A&S) and Amy LeClair (TMC)

Tufts Educational Reentry Network Program (TERN)
Team Leads: Hilary Binda (Tisch) and Jill Weinberg (A&S)

Global One Health Diplomacy at Tufts: An International Conference and Launch of a New Initiative
Team Lead: Ian Johnstone (Fletcher)
Team Member: Deborah Kochevar

Team Lead: Michael Klein (Fletcher)

Civic Education Consortium: Building our World Through Civic Humanities, Critical Thinking, and Community Engagement
Team Lead: Kris Manjapra (A&S)
Team Members: Jackie DeJean (A&S) and Peter Levine (Tisch)

Generating Evidence and Developing Data Collection Tools and Methods on Child Marriage in Conflict Settings: Positioning Tufts as a World Leader in Shaping Knowledge, Policy and Practice
Team Lead: Dyan Mazurana (Friedman)
Team Members: Anastasia Marshak (Friedman) and Elizabeth Stites (Feinstein Center)

Cohabitation with Production Animals and Zoonotic Enteropathogens in Children
Team Lead: Marieke Rosenbaum (Cummings)
Team Members: Janet Forrester (TUSM), Noel Solomons (TUSM), Honorine Ward (TMC), and Giovanni Widmer (Cummings)

A Translational Model of Diet and Metabolomic Interactions (Nutrimetabolomics) in Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Team Lead: Caren Smith, HNRCA
Team Members: Lisa Freeman (Cummings), Paul Jacques (HNRCA), and John Rush (Cummings)


Expansion of Pilot Data of Extracellular Matrix Biomaterial Treatment for Cardiac Injury for R01 Proposal to the NIH
Principal Investigator: Lauren Black III (SoE)

Increasing Sex Education Accessibility for Autistic Adolescents
Principal Investigator: Eileen Tara Crehan (A&S)

Colonial Footprints: A Radical Atlas of Vieques, Puerto Rico
Principal Investigator: Bonnie Donohue (SMFA)

Fostering Social Emotional, Civic Learning in Higher Education: The Vital Role of Faculty Professional Development
Principal Investigator: Deborah Donahue-Keegan (Tisch)

Necropsy Procedures in Short Videos
Principal Investigator: Shelley Hahn (Cummings)

Developing a Human-Animal Interaction-Based Modification of the Social Participation and Navigation (SPAN) Program for Adolescents with Social Anxiety
Principal Investigator: Megan Mueller (Cummings)

Pedagogical Partnership Program (P3)
Principal Investigator: Annie Soisson (CELT)