RAS: Internal Pilot Studies & Tufts Springboard

The Tufts Springboard program uses the standard workflow in Proposal Development, with a few specific adjustments. As an internal application program, a Tufts Springboard proposal:

  • Never links to an S2S opportunity
  • Does not get processed by Post-Award, get Award Budget, or receive a Grant Account ID
  • Use same fields in the Supplemental Info panel as the Tufts Collaborates (see screen below)

In order to correctly classify these proposals, the following fields must be entered as follows:

  • Sponsor = Tufts Springboard (Proposal Details panel)
  • Activity Type = Internal Pilot (Proposal Details panel)
  • Anticipated Award Type = Internal Pilot Study Program (Sponsor & Program Info panel)
  • Notice of Opportunity = Internal (Sponsor & Program Info panel)

Tufts Springboard proposals still require all standard proposal fields, a complete budget, and should always be ad hoc routed (see Ad Hoc Routing job aid) to the School Dean.

The Pre-Award contact will be the final system approver to update the proposal status to ‘Approved & Submitted’ and to generate the Institutional Proposal (IP). Pre-Award does not review the Springboard proposals for compliance with the program funding guidelines, etc.; this review is conducted by the Tufts Springboard team.

Twice a year, Awards will be created in RAS Award with a one-time Time & Money transaction linked to the Tufts Springboard IP. See Create/Edit an Award job aid for how to create an award, and use the ‘Tufts Collaborates NEW’ for the Sponsor Template  to populate the Terms & Conditions. Tufts Springboard Proposals and Awards are excluded from University Summary Level reporting.

Screen below is from Proposal Development:

Proposal Development Screen