Planning Projects for Clinical Trials on Effects of Sustained Reductions in Caloric Intake & Related Dietary Practices in Younger & Older Persons

This funding opportunity announcement (FOA) invites applications for 3-year planning projects for trials in either of two age ranges (25 to <50 or ≥50 years of age) to determine the effects of sustained (e.g. 5-year) caloric restriction (CR) and other interventions that modify the amount, timing, or composition of nutrient intake on risk factors for aging-related conditions and mechanisms that may influence health span and longevity. Proposed projects must plan for trials with a minimum of three arms: a control group; a CR group; and at least one other nutritional intervention that modifies level, timing, or composition of nutrient intake. Narrower age ranges within the younger and older age groups may be proposed.

The projects will support organizational, planning, and protocol development activities, addressing elements such as selection and design of interventions, recruitment, eligibility criteria, selection of pre-specified study outcomes, outcome ascertainment, behavioral interventions to achieve and maintain adherence, adherence measurement, and outcome analysis. The projects will also support pilot studies and data analyses needed for these planning activities.

Application Due Date(s): July 23, 2020.