Opportunity for Leadership Training for Tufts Women Faculty

The Natalie V. Zucker Research Center for Women Scholars is devoted to furthering the careers of female biomedical researchers at Tufts University Health Sciences campus.  With that goal in mind, we would like to announce a new initiative to offer support for leadership training for mid- and senior-level women faculty at any of the Tufts Health Sciences schools.

Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.  Awards will be conditional on being accepted to the desired program. Applications should include:

  • An up-to-date CV
  • A personal statement describing career experience and future goals and explaining how the award will enhance your professional development and promote diversity in academia
  • Description of the proposed training
  • A budget and budget justification
  • A letter from a chair or dean confirming that you will be granted release time to participate in the training

The first four items should be sent as a single PDF.  The support letter can be included in that PDF or sent separately.  Applications should be submitted to Claire Moore (claire.moore@tufts.edu).

Here are some examples of this type of training:

Please help us spread the word of this opportunity to our faculty. As Natalie V. Zucker Professor, Claire Moore is managing this initiative, so please send any questions to her at claire.moore@tufts.edu.