National Anti-Racism Teach-In (NART)

All Tufts students, faculty, and staff are invited to participate in the National Anti-Racism Teach-In (NART) scheduled for August 10-12, 2021.  This exciting annual conference is FREE to all persons with a email.  It will feature symposiums, general sessions, workshops, extensive group work, and dialogue sessions with some of America’s most notable anti-racism scholars, experts, authors, practitioners, and other preeminent thought leaders.

All current faculty, staff and students can use this link to register for free with their Tufts email addresses.

The National Anti-Racism Teach-In is an annual conference and global movement to dismantle structures and norms that uphold racial inequity. The Teach-In includes two distinctive learning opportunities: The Teen Experience, a one-day event centered on middle and high-school students, and the General Conference featuring three-days of exclusive programming for all. In its third year, this gathering provides a productive space for attendees to explore the foundational history of racism and bias and recognize the presence of racism in ways that are often overlooked.

Educators, business and organizational leaders, and other conscious citizens gather to learn about best practices on how to bring an anti-racism approach into classrooms, curriculum, business environments, communities, churches, and other areas of daily life.

Together, we can dismantle structures and norms that uphold racial inequity.

Warm regards,

Nadine Aubry
Provost and Senior Vice President

Rob Mack
Associate Provost and Chief Diversity Officer Medford/Somerville and SMFA Campuses

Joyce Sackey
Associate Provost and Chief Diversity Officer Health Sciences Campuses