Monthly Snapshot of Technology Transfer at Tufts - January 2020

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Technology Developments

  • An early-stage company developing a School of Engineering technology (software and hardware for cooling of datacenters) is one of 14 selected this year to receive funding from Massachusetts Clean Energy Center's (MassCEC's) Catalyst. The MassCEC Catalyst awards up to $65,000 to researchers and early-stage companies to demonstrate prototypes of clean energy technologies.
  • An early-stage company developing a School of Engineering technology (silk-based coating for shelf-life extension of foods) is one of four selected for funding from MassCEC's InnovateMass, which provides up to $250,000 in grant funding for deploying new clean energy technologies or innovative combinations of existing ones with a strong potential for commercialization.
  • An early-stage company developing a School of Engineering technology (drug delivery using silk-based microneedle patches) presented at Biotech ShowcaseTM 2020 in San Francisco on January 15 to introduce their expansion into oncology applications. Biotech ShowcaseTM is a conference during JPM 2020 providing an opportunity for private and public biotechnology and life sciences companies to present to investors and pharmaceutical executives.


Issued patent


Key Tufts Inventor/s

US 10,544,183 Uridine nucleoside compositions for treating neuronal disorders Philip Haydon
US 10,533,037 Freeze-dried powder of high molecular weight silk fibroin Fiorenzo Omenetto & David Kaplan
US 10,525,424 Zwitterionic copolymers for fouling resistant-filtration membranes Ayse Asatekin Alexiou

(January 2020 & Fiscal Year-To-Date)

  Jan FYTD
Meetings with PIs & Inventors 20 86
Invention disclosures received (IDFs) 3 25
New US patent applications field 2 14
Exchanges with marketing targets 18 80
Non-Disclosure Agreements(NDAs) 4 51
Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) 3 54
IP-linked Sponsored Research Agreements (SRAs) 0 4
Finalized licenses and options 1 6
Ongoing negotiations (Licenses or options) 17 n.a.

*Approximate counts - subject to revision


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