Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Policy Revision

The IBC policy on Continuing Review of IBC Registrations has been revised and is now available on the IBC website.  The intention of the policy revision is to increase flexibility and efficiency during the triennial de novo renewal and annual renewal processes, and to ensure safety when terminating or allowing registrations to expire.  All changes are effective immediately.

The following is an overview of changes per the revised policy:

  1. New: In extenuating circumstances, an extension of the three-year approval duration may be granted by a Biosafety Officer. All extension requests must be made in advance of the expiration date. If granted, a new expiration date will be communicated to the PI. If the extension request is denied, work must halt on the registration’s original expiration date.
  1. Change: All IBC registrations will now expire on the last day of the month. For example, if your current expiration date is 8/10/2022, your registration will now expire on 8/31/2022.
  1. Change: The annual renewal process is no longer defined strictly by registration approval date. This allows the IBC Office flexibility to batch annual renewal requests at a few timepoints each year.
    • As a reminder: PIs are required to complete a brief annual renewal form for each registration, which will be provided by the IBC Office. If the form is not submitted by the deadline provided, the IBC may terminate the registration.
  1. Change: PIs should notify by both the IBC Office and Biosafety if they are terminating a registration or allowing it to expire. A biosafety officer will follow up with the PI to confirm proper management of the materials.
    • As a reminder: Prior to termination or expiration, the PI must ensure that biological materials are appropriately disposed of, transferred, or stored.

Please contact the IBC Office or Biosafety with any questions.