COVID-19: Critical Need for PPE at Tufts Medical Center

Dear Members of Tufts University Research Community,

Given the supply chain demands resulting from COVID-19, Tufts Medical Center is in critical need for PPE and laboratory supplies, specifically masks, culture media, culture swabs and sterile tubes. We ask that all laboratories review their current inventory and identify items that can be donated. If you can donate items, please pack the items by the end of the day today and label each box with the name of the laboratory, the items included and the quantity of each item. Please also email a copy of items that are being donated to for reimbursement purposes. We ask that department chairs coordinate this effort for their department, identify a central location to temporarily store the boxes and contact the OVPR at to arrange for the boxes to be collected.

Thank you in advance for your support of our colleagues at Tufts Medical Center.