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We are currently experiencing a high volume of submissions and have a staffing vacancy in the office. We are doing our best to process submissions expeditiously and efficiently, but we expect reviews of all types (excluded/exempt/expedited, initial review/modification/continuing review) to take a minimum of 15 business days for preliminary review. Once our office is fully staffed, we expect to return to our normal turnaround times as described below. Please know your submission is important to us. Thank you in advance for your patience.

It is very important that you keep our turnaround times in mind when deciding when to submit your application.

  • If you are applying for Full Review, you must have your application into our office by 1pm on the day of the submission deadline. You will then receive the committee’s response no more than 3 business days after the day of the meeting. Click here for the submission deadlines and meeting dates.
  • If you are applying for Exemption or Expedited review the submission deadlines are not applicable. These reviews are done on a rolling, first-come first-served, basis. The standard turnaround time for these reviews is:
    • Exemption: 5 business days
    • Expedited: 10 business days
  • Please keep in mind that there are multiple things that can delay the processing of your application. For example: missing signatures, incomplete CITI certification, delays in responding to requests for revisions from our office, incomplete study documents, etc. It is imperative that you respond to any requests from our office in a thorough and timely manner so that we may process your application as efficiently as possible.
  • We encourage all researchers to submit their applications as early as possible, because you may not receive a straight approval from the committee, which means you will need to make any requested changes and submit them to our office before you begin your research. This is especially important for researchers traveling internationally or with strict funding deadlines. Please click here to read more about possible determinations from the committee.