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The purpose of the Tufts University Research and Scholarship Strategic Plan is to identify research and scholarship priorities and determine effective strategies and resources to advance the research enterprise. Specifically, the strategic plan aims to:

  • Identify research and scholarship priorities based on
    • Existing excellence
    • Potential for future innovations and global impact
    • Greatest opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration
  • Determine effective strategies and appropriate resources to support advancement of the research and scholarship enterprise at Tufts

Why Is It Important to Set Research and Scholarship Priorities?

  • Reinforce Tufts’ identity (institutional DNA) as a student-centered research university
  • Fulfill our educational mission and achieve Tufts’ ambitions for civic engagement and global impact
  • Safeguard Tufts’ status as a top tier research institution, and ability to attract top-notch students, faculty and extramural funding
  • Maximize yield (impact and odds of winning federal funds) on an ever-dwindling pool of limited financial resources
    • University has limited financial resources and cannot support all areas of excellence
    • The new White House and Congress have signaled interest in reducing overall discretionary non-defense funding, affecting support for science, the humanities, and the arts, which currently fund Tufts faculty and students
  • Make smart investments that will propel Tufts to where it should be in 10 years by aligning resources with areas of greatest need, opportunity, and potential impact
  • Enhance Tufts’ appeal to corporate, foundation, and individual donors
  • Fuel the Brighter World Comprehensive Fundraising Campaign

Total Research and Development Expenditures, Research 1 Universities