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Based on extensive information gathering, four working groups were formed. These faculty-driven groups will review existing conditions and recommend improvements to benefit the entire R&S community. The areas of focus are: 1) core facilities; 2) global engagement and impact; 3) commercialization and industry; and 4) resources, barriers, and facilitators to research and scholarship.

Core Facilities Working Group

core facilitiesThis working group will assess and summarize the current status existing core facility portfolio so as to determine the personnel, equipment, and services necessary to implement advancement in the identified priority areas.


Global Engagement and Impact Working Group

global engagementThis working group will identify potential barriers to success and address how Tufts can overcome or mitigate these sufficiently to improve international research and scholarship.


Industry Collaboration Working Group

industry collaborationThis working group seeks to determine the infrastructure and services necessary to enhance industry collaboration and assess existing industry collaboration and commercialization services and portfolio at Tufts to include:

    • business plan templates
    • administrative support
    • fee structures
    • “valley of death funding”
    • internal communication
    • external publicity and outreach

Resources, Barriers and Facilitators of Research and Scholarship

This working group will:

    • Prioritize major needs and difficulties identified by members of the R&S community
    • Make recommendations to address them
    • Identify both resources and changes in policy and practice needed to implement recommendations successfully

Click here for the list of committee members.