Proposal Assistance for New Faculty

Research Development can provide comprehensive support for new faculty, faculty new to applying for funding, or those applying to new funding agencies.

Faculty can schedule an initial meeting with a grant writer to describe their current research, past experience, future research plans, and funding needs. During this meeting, we can discuss and begin to set up help for any of the following:

  • Finding funding
    • Setting up funding searches and refining them over time based on results
    • Subscribing to relevant funding agency listservs
    • Gathering information from research funding pages at relevant funding agencies

We suggest faculty set aside a 1- to 2-hour timeslot weekly to peruse results of standing funding searches and tweak search criteria as needed, and to browse websites of pertinent funding agencies, foundations, and professional societies.

  • Understanding a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA)
    • Where to find and how to interpret important logistics (due dates, limited submissions, eligibility, etc.)
    • Interpreting the announcement and the funding agency’s mission
    • Going beyond the application announcement to understand agency goals and priorities
  • Connections with other resources at Tufts
    • Other faculty with prior experience with specific funding agencies/grant mechanisms
    • Examples of funded Tufts proposals for some grant mechanisms
    • Other Tufts offices with resources for teaching, outreach, recruitment, foundation relations, specialized help with specific sections of an application
    • Potential collaborators/mentors
  • Help with a funding strategy plan
    • Which agencies and mechanisms make sense to apply to right away?
    • What do you need to do to prepare to apply for other agencies/mechanisms in the next few years?
    • Timelines for grant preparation
  • Preparation for interacting with your program officer or other funding agency official
    • ‘Toolkit’ for contacting your program official
    • Assistance with drafting your introductory email
  • Project management tools, grantsmanship help, editing and copyediting of proposals
  • Assistance with understanding and responding to reviews and revising proposals for resubmission

If you have any questions about what we do, or how we can help you, leave us a message and we’ll respond to you within three business days.