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The Office for Technology Transfer and Industry Collaboration (OTTIC) hosted its inaugural Inventor Recognition Event on October 18th, 2019. A luncheon was organized to honor faculty who have had a first-in-family US patent issued in fiscal year 2019 and faculty whose intellectual property was licensed or optioned to a commercial entity in fiscal year 2019. Vice Provost for Research Caroline Genco presented the honorees with their awards. Alongside OTTIC staff, deans and department chairs were also in attendance to congratulate their faculty awardees. The OTTIC hopes to make this event an annual celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit at Tufts.

Awardees – Issued Patents

  • Fiorenzo Omenetto
    Silk photonic crystals
  • David Kaplan
    Efficient silk structure fabrication
  • Sameer Sonkusale
    Sensor-fabrication on surfaces
  • Fiorenzo Omenetto
    Functional silk-based inks
  • Jonathan Garlick
    Diabetic foot ulcer therapies
  • Philip Haydon
    Alzheimers Disease therapies
  • Valencia Joyner Koomson
    Wearable oxygen monitor
  • Matthew Panzer
    Safe electrolytes in batteries
  • Ayse Asatekin Alexiou
    Efficient filteration membranes
  • Charles Shoemaker
    Treatments for C. diff infections
  • Matthew Panzer
    Improved semiconductors
  • Charles Sykes
    Low energy radiation therapy
  • Mai Vu
    Novel data transfer and storage
  • Robert Jacob
    Drifting Keyboard

Awardees – Licenses & Options

  • Qiaobing Xu
    License to Hopewell Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Ayse Asatekin Alexiou
    License to ZwitterCo, Inc.
  • Mohan Thanikachalam
    Option to Dynocardia, Inc.
  • Andrew Camilli
    Option to PhagePro, Inc.
  • Gail Sonenshein
    Option to Adecto Pharmaceuticals
  • Nora Mineva
    Option to Adecto Pharmaceuticals
  • Ira Herman
    Option to Intrepid BioTherapeutics, Inc.
  • Dong Kong
    Option to Jersey Biosciences, Inc.
  • Charles Shoemaker
    License to Lumen Bioscience, Inc.
  • Rajendra Kumar-Singh
    Option to Visiogene