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The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) will host its biennial Chemical and Biological Defense Science and Technology Conference (CBD S&T) on November 18-21, 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Registration will open in July 2019. On May 7, DTRA announced its call for papers, which are due June 21, 2019. The CBD S&T Conference is an opportunity to engage with DTRA’s Chemical and Biological Technologies program managers, as well as collaborate and connect with other researchers, scientists, and industry representatives.

Topic areas for the Conference include:

  • Approaches to Characterizing the Threat from Chemical and Biological Agents
    • Chemical Agents in a Complex Operating Environment
    • Organoids and Organs-on-a-Chip Revolutionizing Drug Development
  • Developing Medical Countermeasures Against Biological Threats
    • Development of Next Gen Antibody-based Anti-infective Therapeutics – Opportunities and Challenges
    • Host Targeted Therapies
    • Medical Countermeasures in the Context of a Layered Medical Defense
    • Toxin Assessment for Development of Medical Countermeasures
  • Developing Medical Countermeasures Against Chemical Threats
    • Artificial Intelligence for Early Drug Discovery
    • A Toxidromic Approach for Chemical Medical Countermeasure Development
  • Generating Actionable Information in the Digital Battlespace
    • Advanced Topics in Hazard Prediction
    • Advancements in Computational Analytics and Host-Based Data Storage for Chem/Bio Threats
    • Leveraging Machine Learning & AI Solutions to Enhance Military Medical Modeling Capabilities
    • Supporting the Warfighter at the Tactical Edge
  • Novel and Enhanced Detection and Diagnostic Technologies
    • CB Recon and Remote Sensing Technologies
    • Complementary Diagnostics for Infectious Disease
    • Genotypic to Phenotypic Analysis Tools to Characterize Novel Emerging Threats
    • Synthetic Biology to Enhance Detection and Diagnostic Capabilities
  • Shielding the Warfighter from CB Threats
    • Science and Technology Advances for Chemical and Biological Protection
  • Sustaining the Warfighter and Mission through CB Hazards
    • Science and Technology Advances for Chemical and Biological Hazard Mitigation

Additional information on the call for papers, including topic descriptions and session leaders, is available at All CBD S&T Conference details, including registration and abstract submissions, are available at  Registration will open in July 2019.